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Patoka Lake Fishing Reports

Patoka lake is widely known as Indiana's best Bass and Crappie fishing lakes. Now the stripers are beginning to really come into their own.

2 years ago Patoka lake was heavily stocked with Walleye. We are hopeful that they will flourish on the lake.

The fish are there, but where? This site was created to help you easily figure that out. You can upload your pics, videos, and fishing reports easily.

We have sections for the guides and marinas to keep you informed on a weekly or daily basis.

Uploaded Photo of the Month - Patoka Lake Marina

This is a photo of Patoka Lake Marina that George Bracken uploaded to the site.

George Bracken's Patoka Lake Fishing Report on March 15, 2009. Photo features the marina with several boats at Patoka Lake with forest all around photographed from the air.

How Do I Get to Patoka Lake Indiana?

Patoka Lake is located in southern Indiana half way between Evansville and Louisville. Map to Patoka Lake >.